Welcome to the Healthy Community Checklist

  • What is the Healthy Community Checklist?
    The Healthy Community Checklist is a 40-item online quick assessment of a community’s health environment related to promoting and supporting physical activity, healthy eating/healthy weight, and tobacco-free lifestyles.

  • Who should complete the Checklist?
    Any Michigan community (city, village, township) that is interested creating a healthier community environment.

  • Why the Checklist?
    A community that promotes good health is a great place to live. By completing the Checklist, communities receive feedback about the extent to which they make it easy for people to be active, eat healthfully and adopt tobacco-free lifestyles. Completing the Checklist offers ideas about changes communities can make to promote healthier living. For more on the benefits, visit the About the Checklist section.

  • Where is the Checklist located?
    Right here on this website. Register to begin completing the Checklist for your community. You can also review a print copy of the Checklist by visiting the Preview the Checklist page.

  • How do communities get started?
    Register to begin completing the Checklist for your community. Registration only takes a minute or two.

...clean air – indoors and out...well-lit bike paths, sidewalks and walking trails that connect residential areas to shopping, schools and places of worship... easy access to grocery stores, farmers' markets and restaurants that offer fresh produce and delicious healthful foods at reasonable price...

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Healthy Communities ToolKit provides guidelines and ideas for implementing changes for a healthier community--
including physical, policy
and social changes.

Click here to access a copy.

The Healthy Community Checklist website is sponsored by the Michigan Healthy Communities Collaborative